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Your Insurance Agency Needs a Website – Especially If You Think You Don’t

Your website is like a digital business card. It tells who you are and what you’re about. Its presence encourages potential clients to reach out to you. Do you think you could run your business as smoothly if you didn’t have any business cards? Would potential customers know how to reach you or even who you are? Your answer is probably no. In the same way, having a website is necessary for independent insurance agents. We’ll tell you why – and how we can help. 

As an independent insurance agency, your website needs to possess the following qualities: informative, professional, mobile friendly, and trustworthy. 


Your ultimate goal is likely to convert leads into clients. Once you meet with or speak to someone, you can display your expertise in the field. However until this occurs, a potential client has no guarantee that you know what you’re doing. Even if they hear about you from a friend or relative, this is still secondary information. A web presence with a solid base of information works instantly to establish your credibility before a client ever meets you – and increases the chances of that meeting occurring in the first place. 

Our insurance websites feature clear, informative descriptions of all insurance coverages your company offers. This means your clients can arrive informed and feeling comfortable enough to discuss their options with you, since they already trust your expertise. The level of high quality information on the website establishes you as local expert in the field, and this kind of credibility is a reliable incentive for conversion. 


You wouldn’t show up to a meeting in a t-shirt and shorts, would you? How you visually present yourself has an undeniable effect on how you are perceived. The same principle applies to your online presence – especially the design of your website. There are a number of factors that can make the difference between a professional looking website and one that appears home-made.

Clean design is key. This means less clutter, a purposeful visual hierarchy, and easy, straightforward navigation throughout the website. The website’s color palette also factors into the professionalism of the design. Colors that are childish will not give potential clients confidence in your credibility. In a similar way, the photos used on the website should be high quality, relevant images rather than tacky stock imagery. Consistency is another key to professional design. Branding (achieved through both design and content) should be cohesive throughout the website, and the site should feature a typeface that matches or complements the branding. 

Mobile Friendly 

Most of us turn to our smartphones as the first place to research information on the spot. This means that potential clients will look you up online – likely on a mobile device. Step one is having a website in the first place, so people will find you when they look you up. Step two is having a mobile friendly website. Studies have found that mobile friendly websites receive more return views than those that are not optimized for mobile viewing. Our insurance websites are completely mobile friendly and easy to navigate for cellular consumers. 


It’s the internet – how can someone know they are able to trust you without meeting you in person? There are a few ways of inspiring trust in a visitor to your website. First, do you have an SSL certificate? If you look up in the web address bar at the top of your browser, sites that have an SSL and are therefore secure will begin with “https” instead of “http.” Essentially, this extra “s” means your website, its data, and any personal information submitted to you through it, is secure. 

Another aspect of a website that inspires trust in the customer is evidence that you know what you are talking about. Often, this expert image can be achieved using informative blog posts. If you regularly update your website’s blog, it will be clear that you know your stuff. 

Last but not least, your website will inspire trust by having a clear route to getting in touch with your agency. This means your contact information such as phone number or email address are displayed prominently in an easy to find, logical location. It also means any forms you put on your site are secure (see above), functional and serve a purpose. People will look you up online, even if they hear about you via word of mouth, and if the path is clear, they will call you. 

A Marketing Partner That Knows the Industry

As your digital business card, you want your website to represent you in the best possible light. For creating a website that best represents your agency, there is nothing more valuable than the advice, expertise, and experience of a professional digital marketing agency for insurance companies. 

Titan Web Marketing Solutions provides insurance agency marketing services to agencies all throughout the United States. If your insurance agency needs digital marketing help Contact Us today.

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Titan Web Marketing Solutions provides insurance agency marketing services to agencies all throughout the United States. If your insurance agency needs digital marketing help Contact Us today.