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What Better Way to Captivate an Audience?

The Value of Video for Your Insurance Agency

It's no secret that video has come to dominate the internet. With video you can engage website visitors, share your agency story, explain different insurance products and more. However you use it, one major advantage it can have is long life. It's a tv commercial for your agency that's always running.

Multiple Video Options

We offer three different ways to get a video done for your insurance agency.

1. Custom Video Shot at Your Location

This type of video usually involves shooting at your location. It's typical that you and possibly some staff would be in it. Common themes for these videos are to tell the story of your agency or to explain insurance products.

2. Custom Video Shot Using a Neutral Location and Spokesperson

Using a neutral site of our choosing and a spokesperson provided by us and approved by you, we'll create a professional video that helps represent your agency to potential clients.

3. Professional Stock Video With Voiceover

These videos are done using professionally shot stock video clips, music and a voiceover spokesperson. Typically they are 30-45 seconds in length and are ideal for promoting specific insurance products.

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Video Makes Things Interesting

Your insurance agency has something to say. Our job is to help you say it and bring your message to life, whether it's to tell people about a great new insurance product or you just want to introduce yourself to the people visiting your website.

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Let's Bring Your Video to Life

Once you've chosen the style of video you want, we’ll get to work. Video, like most things we do, is a step by step process and the details matter. If we're shooting a live video we need to consider the location. A stock video means sifting through huge amounts of footage to find the right clips. In the end, creating a great video takes planning.

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Step 1: Creative Strategy

We start with a creative strategy. We need to understand what kind of video we need to produce and how it will be used. For that, we talk to you.

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Step 2: Storyboard & Scripting

After our strategy session, it’s time to get to work. Our team will put together the story that needs to be told and the words that need to be said.

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Step 3: Live or Stock

If we shoot live we’ve got to get some action going. Stock footage means sorting through numerous clips to find the right ones.

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Step 4: Editing

The real magic is in the editing. We’ll take the raw footage, stock clips if needed and add the effects, music and voice.

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Step 5: Client Changes

You’ll get the first look. If anything needs to be changed, you’ll let us know. Once done, you’ll do a final review and sign an approval.

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Step 6: Deliver Video

The video is finished, and it’s ready to view. We’ll provide a video file for you to use and, if requested, load it onto your website and YouTube.