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Facebook Marketing for Insurance Agencies

We all know that Facebook is the largest social network on the internet. It's ideal for reaching new potential insurance clients, growing your brand awareness, and connecting with your audience. Unlike other, more traditional forms of advertising it can also be much more cost effective. But it takes work. Consistent posting, growing your likes and responding to comments and messages are all necessary to be successful.

Not every insurance agency has the time or resources to effectively and successfully manage their Facebook business page. That's why you need a team to help you do it. Whether it's something as simple as making sure new content is being posted to your page regularly or something more advanced such as running your Facebook Like, Engagement and Video campaigns, our team will have you covered.

Publishing Regularly is a Good Start

If your insurance agency is struggling just to make sure regular content is being published to your Facebook business page, don't worry. Just ask us about our Grow with Social and Accelerate Plans. Both include weekly Facebook postings to get your agency on the right track.

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With Facebook Marketing, you can:

Facebook Ads for Insurance Agencies

Advertising on Facebook is necessary to grow your audience, reach new people and build greater brand awareness. With multiple advertising options available to insurance agencies, our team is ready to help your agency reach new heights.

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Facebook Like Campaigns

You need to have an audience That's what a Facebook Like Campaign is for. Each like is one more person that is becoming familiar with your agency.

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Engagement Campaigns

Reach more people with your content. Engagement campaigns are used to promote your content to as many people as possible.

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Video Campaigns

Think of video like tv commercials. It can be promoted to a very large audience and people are always hungry to watch more.

What Does the Ad Campaign Process Look Like?

No two Facebook ad campaigns are ever exactly alike. Having run lots of Facebook ads for a number of insurance agencies over the years we've learned a lot about what ads work best. Our goal is to consistently get your agency in front of the most people

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Step 1: Campaign Setup

We start with your campaign setup. Ads need to be written and designed. The target audience created and the target location and schedule set.

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Step 2: Launch

Load, approve and launch. That's what we need to do. Load the ads up onto the ad manager. Get the ads approved by Facebook and finally turn them on.

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Step 3: Monitor & Modify

Campaigns need constant tweaks. Once a campaign launches we get loads of data. We'll use it to make ongoing improvements to the ads being run.