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Pay Per Click Advertising

Insurance Leads That Are Just a Click Away

The Better the Campaign, the Greater Your Success

Let’s face facts. We’re all in a hurry, and business is demanding. We need as many opportunities to make a sale as we can get, and we need them quickly. While SEO is great, it’s the long game. It takes time to get results. But Pay Per Click Ads? Well, that’s a different game.

Yes, it is pay to play, but you can be on top of Google’s search results immediately. It’s all about finding the right keywords to target, writing better ads than your competition, and being competitive with your bidding. Bottom line: it’s about running a stronger campaign than the other guy.

Of course when it comes to insurance the big carriers dominate the game. They target seemingly every keyword imaginable. And on the surface you’d think that would make it too expensive for you. But they are also running really large campaigns.

For you it's about a more narrow focus: a more select and smaller number of keywords. Certain days and times to run ads with a hyper local focus. Plus because we're running ads for insurance agencies across the country we've got a much better idea of what is working and what won't. That insight is something typically reserved for the big carriers.

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Google Ads for Insurance Agencies

There are two things we tell people about pay per click ads. The first is that PPC is the way to go when you want to target a large geographic area and specific keywords quickly. The second is that training and experience matter. As a Google Certified Partner we're trained and we've been running ads for years.

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Google Text Ads

People search for insurance. Using Google's text ads we can put your agency front and center for the people in your market searching for an insurance agency.

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Display Ads

Great for building brand awareness. That's the beauty of simple image ads. Targeted to only show in your market, everyone will know who to go to for insurance.

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Video Ads

We'll make your agency a YouTube star! Video ads are like tv commercials except without the high cost. We can run them on numerous websites using the Google ads platform.

What's it Take to Get Your Campaign Rolling?

Since we already work with insurance agencies, we know what keywords to target and the types of ads that work best. That makes getting a campaign going pretty straightforward.

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Step 1: Campaign Setup

First we get your campaign ready to go. Create the ad groups, write the ads, set the locations, times, days, budgets and bids. Do the work that will bring the campaign to life.

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Step 2: Launch

At this point, it's time to turn things on. All the campaign settings are right, the correct keywords have been chosen, ads have been written. We'll flip the proverbial switch and go live.

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Step 3: Monitor & Modify

We’ll make ongoing modifications to your campaign. Ensuring your ads are being served efficiently. We'll make changes to improve targeting and reach as many people as possible.