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What Kinds of Print Can We Do?

With in-house designers and a first class print partner, we are your one-stop shop for all your print needs. Below you will find some of our most common print requests. We can, however, design and print just about any piece you can think of and have it shipped hot off the presses right to your doorstep.

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Business Cards

First impressions matter, and the business card you hand to others matters. Make sure to hand people something well-designed and sturdy to make the impression you want.

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Tri-Fold Brochures

The most common type of brochure you will see, the tri-fold has many uses. It's very versatile and is a good choice for when information needs to be divided into parts.

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Half-Fold Brochures

A much simpler style of brochure, the half-fold is great for displaying larger blocks of content. It’s also a very cost-effective form of print with a multitude of paper options.

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Presentation Folders

A great way to present something people can take away from a meeting, presentation folders will help build an image of you as someone well prepared.

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A booklet is a special piece of print. But it must be well-thought-out, have the right number of pages, well-written content, and an attractive design to be effective.

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Direct mail still works well for insurance agencies, and postcards represent one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach a large number of people consistently.

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Spot UV & Inks

Make sure your business card or brochure captures and retains the attention of your audience by using Spot UV. Spot UV sections can be added to print material with the purpose of accenting specific areas or information.

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Die Cuts

To really grab the attention of your target market, use a completely customized print material style known as a die cut. With die cuts, you can add different shaped elements to your print piece making them truly one of a kind.

Step by Step, Your Print Piece Will Come to Life

There is nothing like seeing your brand in print. Making it into something tangible is a wonderful thing. You aren’t restricted to a traditional fold or a specific cut; we can make whatever you like.

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Step 1: Creative Strategy

We start by talking to you. What kind of piece do you need? What kind of information needs to go in it, and how do you want it to look?

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Step 2: Content

It’s time for some words. Based on the initial strategy session one of our writers will go to work on the content for the piece.

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Step 3: Drafts

Next a graphic designer will take the content, lay it out and begin to design around it. All the while making sure to incorporate your brand into the piece.

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Step 4: Client Review

It’s time for your review This is an extremely important step. How does it look? How does it read? Did we get it right?

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Step 5: Changes & Finalization

Once you’ve reviewed the piece, you’ll give us your changes. Once they are completed, you’ll check one last time and receive a proof to sign.

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Step 6: Print & Ship to Client

Now it’s on to the printer: yours if you ask or ours if requested. If we handle the print, we’ll dropship a package straight to your door.