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Get the Most Out of Email Marketing

Get the Most Out of Email Marketing

What is one thing that has been around for years that businesses big and small need to be taking advantage of? There’s got to be plenty of answers, but we’re on the same page if you said email marketing. Let’s look at a few tips for starting email marketing campaigns. 


Ever heard the saying consistency is key? Well, that applies here in email marketing. You typically want to send emails at least once a month when managing email marketing campaigns. This is usually a healthy medium between not sending enough or too much. Here are a few negatives that can come from not keeping to a schedule. 

If you don’t send emails often enough… 

  • You will receive more bounce back emails (a typical number is around 1%) 
  • This can flag your emails as spam 
  • People may forget why they see your emails and unsubscribe 

Now, be careful not to send emails too often. If you appear in someone’s inbox multiple times in a matter of days, they may get annoyed and begin to unsubscribe. One to two emails a month is a healthy way to keep audiences engaged without overbearing them. 


A trend for the last decade has been finding ways to include mobile devices for anything online, and email marketing is no exception. People who use their emails on their mobile devices tend to check their inbox three times more than desktop users daily. Whenever you build your emails, you need to make sure that it is more than compatible with smartphones, tablets, or anything else the kids are using these days. 


Don’t you hate it when you text someone, but they never respond? What about when you email a huge list of people and get low open rates? It’s always important to make sure your email lists are high quality and fill them with active users. Having a huge list might sound like a good idea if you want to reach the most amount of people, but what good does it do when they don’t even open an email? Finding ways to shorten lists to keep a good open rate and remove inactive users is nothing to be worried about. You can also add new people anytime you want. 


These aren’t the only things you should consider when creating email campaigns. There are plenty of more things we can talk about, but here’s a quick summary. 

  • Keep a low image size (under 300 KB) 
  • Add ALT text to images to increase accessibility 
  • Avoid spam trigger words and use websites that can detect them 
  • Use short headings 
  • Clearly designate any links without using the words ‘click here.’ 

Creating and managing email campaigns is a great method used by businesses of various sizes, and there’s always been a reason for that. It can bring in new customers and good returns, but you must make sure you get it right. Hopefully, we can help you out with that. 

Do you want to start email marketing for your business? Our office can help get that started. If you’re ready to start, be sure to contact us. 

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