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This Is How Insurance Agencies Should Utilize Facebook

Many independent insurance agencies try to use Facebook to sell insurance policies. If you are an agency that’s guilty of this, you may want to change your ways. You might read that and think, well I can sell insurance anywhere can’t I? And to that we’d say yes, you can. But just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.

Here’s why:

The Algorithms Have Changed

Whether it’s on paper or on a screen it all comes down to content. The fact of the matter is that Facebook has actually been de-prioritizing business posts in its users feeds. It started with a 2018 announcement by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stating that the company was shifting their goal “from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.” Basically what this translated to was less posts from businesses and more posts from friends showing up on people’s timelines. This change is honestly understandable and isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does make maintaining an impactful Facebook presence more difficult for businesses. 

Facebook Prefers Personal Content

All this to say, if you use your agency’s Facebook page solely to promote awareness of your products and even to try and sell insurance, you might not get as far as you hope. We propose a new solution for businesses – post personal content onto your company Facebook page. It’s not a novel concept – humans have always responded better to something with entertainment value. However, it could very well change the way your current and potential customers view your insurance agency. The entire point of an independent insurance agency is to provide a local, trusted presence that people can turn to for their insurance needs. Why not play to that strength? 

You Have More to Offer Than You Think 

It’s probably more than you think. Does your office hold a chili cookoff? Post about it! Tacky Christmas sweater contest? Post about it! Did a member of your staff climb an important mountain or go skydiving or even have a new child? Post about it! People like to see that professionals are people, too. It’s all about cultivating trust within your community. 

Even if your office does none of these things and maintains a strictly professional atmosphere at all times, you can still add a personal touch to your social media presence. Did someone win an award? Post about it! Has an agent in your personal lines department celebrated her 30th anniversary with the company? Post about it! It’s not rocket science. If people want to purchase insurance, they will call, email, or come to your office. And if people see that your agency has a human presence, they will be more likely to call, email, or come to your office to purchase insurance. 

So say, “Cheese!” The internet likes it. 

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