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Security Threats in the Digital Age – What Are They?

Threats in the digital space are everywhere, and security has become a more prominent issue as the majority of the population becomes more hooked into technology. Due to the amount of personal information they collect, insurance agencies are a very tempting target for hackers looking to steal that information. Any agency that doesn’t take these types of threats seriously and fails to implement safeguards to protect that information is doing so at its own peril.

Employees, Emails, and Spoofing. Oh My!

Employees, especially new employees, are the biggest weakness for a business. How? Think of all the things the employees are connected to in your office and business. How much access would a hacker achieve through tricking an employee via email? Hackers have become aware of more ways to reach office accounts in recent years. These methods include creating mock-ups of emails asking the user to reset their password, a fake fax being sent, a voice note, or a missed call from a client.  

Do these potential hackers know the emails your employees have? An employee just got an email that says their account has been “hacked.”

Why does it look like it’s coming from you? If you see the email address the “hacked email” was sent from it looks like the employee’s company email. This is called spoofing – sending an email that appears as if it’s coming from someone that it isn’t. Hackers hide where their emails originate and do so very effectively.  Spoofing is used in just about every bit of spam you see today.

Your Website Is Just a Pawn

It all starts with an email that looks like it comes from a legitimate company. Did you know that hackers have come up with ways to recreate authentic websites?

The usage of Netflix’s homepage is one of the more popular versions of this deceitful tactic. They may look completely real but there are a few red flags to look out for.  

These emails typically have a link they want you to click on. You can check the legitimacy of these links by just hovering over them.

The link will pop up and you can verify the email. Other flags to watch out for are attachments that come with these types of emails. Watch for poor grammar and the “from” email address.

Keeping the Bad Guys Out

There are a multitude of resources and tools that can help a business lock down its website. Listed below are some tools and tactics that we recommend using when locking down your website securely. 

  • Installing an SSL Certificate – Adds a visible padlock to the browser’s address bar and encrypts the data that’s transmitted to your website. 
  • Install Website Security – A 24-hour watch on your website. Alerts will be sent to you if there is an infiltration of your website. 
  • Security Plugins – Blocks APIs (Application Programming Interface -it is the code that governs the access point(s) for the server).  Places a cap on suspicious login attempts. Supplies a firewall and a routine malware scanner. Gives the ability to block unwanted attention or malicious intent to your website. 
  • Strong Passwords – Don’t use passwords like “1234” or “password”. You’re ten times more likely to get hacked with an easily accessible password. 
  • Strong Username – Don’t just use the terms “username” or “administrator”. You’re more likely to get hacked than with a unique username for each account. 
  • Backup Your Website – Always backup your website. This allows you to get your website up and running as quickly as possible if your website was hacked, went down for any reason, or if an update has gone wrong.

Lock It Up with a Bow

Security is like wrapping a gift with a bow, tying everything together securely. Having security protects your office and your clients’ information from being taken by hackers. It is easier to build up security right from the website’s beginnings than right after a compromise. 

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