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Nationwide is Switching Up its Formula – What Does that Mean for your Agency

Nationwide, one of the largest insurance companies, announced earlier last year that they are switching to an Independent Agency distribution model. This plan is set to begin July 1, 2020 and that date is quickly approaching. Nationwide has stated that all agents will maintain access to Nationwide’s list of products while being able to achieve more flexibility to use other carriers.

What does this mean for you as a current agent with Nationwide?

Make the Agency Your Own

As a new independent agent, you must focus on the top priority of creating the best book of business and always doing right by the consumer. There are plenty of positive things to look at when you are an independant. The ability to create your own hours, rules and guidelines, and agency. This new freedom of becoming independent allows for you to find the best quotes for certain types of insurance. You now have the ability to go to other providers if their current provider did not have the quotes the agent was aiming for.

With new beginnings comes a new set of challenges. The first steps of the new journey to independent agency success will not come with a steady income for the first few months. Any money made will need to be fed back into the company in order to grow, but as time goes on it will get easier. It could be a bit more difficult to book new clients but working with an MGA (Management Group Agent) can help ease this concern.

What Do Independent Agents Need to Do?

As an independent you are now taking the first few steps into unknown territory. The first question may be, “What do I need to do first?” Creating an online presence, as well as a general presence, is a must for any agency just starting out. An online presence is much more impactful as we continue on in this digital age. 


Creating your own brand is the first step in forming your agency. When you begin to shape your brand you are pulling from your own story, emotions, and placing expectations on yourself. When clients see your brand they know what to expect from you and know that you will take care of them and their needs. 

Print Marketing

Print is one of the fastest ways to connect with an audience. Creating a business card, a brochure, or flyer and handing it to a potential client ties together a new connection.If a client has a physical reminder of your business to look back on they will be more likely to reach out. Deciding what type of prints your independent agency should use can be tricky. Click here to view more about a print marketing strategy.

Create a Website

When users are out searching for insurance the first place they go is online. Agencies who don’t utilize a website are missing out on a large portion of potential clientele. A website is a place to store all the information about the services your agency offers, shares what your company is about, ability to offer online quotes, and easy access to communicate with your

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the best long-term strategy when it comes to results on a search engine. Instead of having to pay for site visitors, SEO will increase your visibility to search engines so you get more visitors without the cost. Plus, it makes your website look valuable to search engines. The longer the agency keeps up SEO with their website, the higher their website will rank when a google search is done. SEO is a top marketing strategy for independent insurance agencies. If you want to learn a little more about how SEO can help your agency visit our page dedicated to search engine optimization.

Maintain Social Media

Creating a continuous stream of content and actively interacting with your customers is a great way to build relationships. This show those who look at your profiles and website that you are human and love to talk with your community directly. Interacting with your customers and letting them see into your agency is a great way to built a relationship. Social media is an interactive marketing tool for your agency. See our social media page to learn a little more about social media platforms and your agency.

Ensure Your Success

Independent agents are taking on a whole new world of responsibility and change once they separate from their captive agency. Taking into account the new need for a website, social media accounts, and curating SEO, there is a world of new possibilities awaiting. Agencies will be able to interact and form new relationships with current and new clients alike.

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