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HTTP vs. HTTPS: The Difference One Letter Can Make

As an insurance agency owner, you know all about protection. It’s what you provide every day to clients. In the same way that a person should not go without insurance, a website should not go without security. The difference between a secure website and one that poses a risk comes down to one little letter: “S.” 

What Does the “S” in HTTPS Stand For?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and it allows for communication between web servers and web browsers. It is most often used to transfer data from the server to the browser, allowing internet users to view a webpage. This system has been used since 1990, but it has one important downfall: the data that is transferred from the server to the browser is not encrypted, meaning it can be easily intercepted and stolen by third parties. Why is this an issue? If visitors to your website are submitting personal information, that information can be gathered and potentially used for sinister purposes. 

SSL: What It Does

Web developers combat the threat of data theft by adding an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate, which puts the “S” on HTTPS. The SSL creates a secure encrypted connection between server and browser, thereby protecting any data (such as personal information submitted via a website’s forms) from being stolen during the transfer process. Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox will even show a padlock icon in the address bar to indicate a website is secure. 

Why Having an SSL Is Beneficial 

For insurance websites, having the protection of an SSL means that your clients’ and potential clients’ personal information submitted through your website will stay secure in your server (is this right??). For consumers, seeing the HTTPS or the padlock icon on their browser indicates they are dealing with a legitimate business that values their privacy. Establishing credibility is an important part of operating an insurance agency. You do the work face-to-face, and your SSL will do the work online. 

Better Security = Better SEO

As of 2014, Google has been boosting the rank of websites that have made the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. This means your site is more likely to show up higher on a Google search once you install the added protection of an SSL. The boost is slight, but significant – mainly because the credibility that little “https” before your web address adds cannot be underestimated. People are simply more likely to visit, browse, and submit their contact information to websites they know are secure. 

As an insurance agent, you need your clients to trust you with some of the most important aspects of their lives – protecting their family, property, business, and more. Show them you are worthy of their trust by ensuring your website can be used safely. Those four letters are a small investment with large benefits. 

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