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Premier Risk Advisors

Premier Risk Advisors is an independent agency that specializes in commercial insurance plans for clients across North Carolina.

The Challenge

Premier Risk Advisors came to Titan in need of a digital marketing overhaul. Not only did they need a new website and a more consistent social media presence, but they wanted to reassess their agency’s branding.

The Solution

We wanted to start by updating Premier Risk Advisors’ branding, so we designed a new logo. Afterward, we built a new website that showcased their commercial specialties, and set them up with a Facebook post schedule.


Branding sets the tone for everything in digital marketing. This is why we decided to redesign Premier Risk Advisors’ logo before doing anything else. We held a creative strategy meeting to determine style and colors for our design team to get started. We drafted several rounds of logos, and worked with Premier Risk Advisors until we had a new logo that was perfect for their agency.

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Once we completed the new logo, it was time to put together their website. Using the same branding decisions implemented in the logo design, we created a site that was welcoming, professional, and easy to navigate. We customized their content to help visitors quickly understand that while Premier Risk Advisors can write many lines of insurance, commercial policies are their specialty.

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Social Media

When it came to social media, Premier Risk Advisors had the same problem that many insurance agencies face: no one on their team had the time to post every day! We put together a social media strategy to regularly post engaging content that is relevant to their clients. Now, whether their employees are posting frequently or not, Premier Risk Advisors has a Facebook page that consistently communicates with its followers.

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The Success

With a brand new logo and a beautiful website that accurately reflect their voice and expertise, Premier Risk Advisors is more equipped than ever before to showcase their agency online.