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Billings Mutual Insurance Company (BMI) is a mutual company that services all of Missouri. They began in 1891 as a small company providing fire insurance for farmers in surrounding counties. Now, they specialize in auto, home, farm, business, and umbrella insurance for customers across the state.

The Challenge

BMI came to Titan because they weren’t taking full advantage of Facebook’s capabilities, and they knew it. They were writing blog content and posting enough to keep their page up to date, but they felt that their brand just wasn’t getting in front of enough people. Advertising was the next step they needed to take, so they came to our team for help.

The Solution

Like any insurance carrier, BMI needed to reach two kinds of people: agents who could sell their products, and potential customers who would recognize their brand. Because Facebook is the broadest-reaching social platform for making both personal and professional connections, we developed campaigns that would increase BMI’s social credibility, boost brand awareness, and drive more traffic to their website.

Page Like Ads

BMI’s Facebook page only had 100 followers when we got started. In order to get them a larger audience to see and interact with their posts, we launched a Facebook like campaign. Now, their page has over 2,000 likes, and they gain an average of 117 new likes each month from their page like ads.

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Boosted Posts

BMI frequently posts insurance blogs on both their Facebook and Instagram pages. We knew that these blogs provided relevant information to agents and customers, so we started a boosted post campaign to put the blogs in front of a larger audience. Now, these posts average nearly 1,400 reactions, comments, and shares per month.

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Traffic Ads

BMI already had a great website when they came to us, but they wanted more people to see it. So, our team put together a traffic campaign designed to direct people to find an agent or learn more about the company’s discounts for policyholders. Now, those pages typically get over 200 visits per month from these ads.

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Engagement Ads and Video

One of our team’s primary goals for BMI was to increase brand awareness across the state of Missouri. Using very specific imagery, branding techniques, and compelling video, we put together a strategic engagement campaign designed to tell the company’s story and showcase its value to customers. These ads reach 6,000 to 10,000 people per month.

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The Success

Now, advertisements from BMI Company, Inc. reach approximately 25,000 people per month. By putting many of Facebook’s marketing capabilities to work for BMI, we were able to grow the company’s organic following, drive website traffic, and increase brand awareness among the insurance community in Missouri.