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Building a Legacy Through Branding

Our culture is highly visual. Every day, people have a seemingly never ending stream of symbols pass before their eyes. Many stick in the mind, but just as many leave absolutely no impression. What makes the difference, and why would an independent insurance agency even need branding, anyway? 

Before we answer those questions, we should first explain what branding means. Your brand, at its most basic level, encompasses the following: 

  • Logo 
  • Colors 
  • Fonts 
  • Voice 
  • Message 

In a market saturated with independent insurance agencies, the most important thing your brand can do is differentiate you from your competitors. You want your own name or logo to be what comes to mind when people in your area think of local insurance agencies. By being memorable, you are able to create more word-of-mouth leads for your business. Just remember that while word-of-mouth is useful, it does not give you the solid presence that a website can. 

Logo, Colors and Fonts

A logo is more than the name of your agency written in a certain font. Although it is true that you do need to use a font that is clean and professional, it is not the only thing you need. Having a logo that contains a distinctive, recognizable symbol will help you stand out from the other agencies in town. In the same way, a consistent color scheme (that won’t hurt people’s eyes) projects a professional image to current and potential clients. Once you create an association between your brand and a certain color or image, you become recognizable and familiar in your community. 

Content, Voice, and Message

While much of branding is visual in aspect, it is also important to consider voice. First consider who and where your top target audience is – families or businesses; local or more widespread. The voice of your brand, especially on your website, should reflect your awareness of your audience. This can be achieved with the right content, tone, and message. This is also where SEO concepts such as keywords come into play. When clearly written, informative content, a professional voice, and trustworthy message come together, they create something that inspires a prospect to believe you can do what you say. 

Why Does an Independent Insurance Agency Need Professional Branding? 

It’s About Creating a Legacy.

If your agency already has an established legacy, your brand needs to be highlighting this advantage. Many agencies are named after a founder or founders. In these cases, it is especially important to represent the name well. The right professional branding can lend the proper prestige and history to your agency. Even if your agency’s name is not related to its founding, it is still incredibly important to create and maintain the right image. This is a slightly different kind of legacy. When you brand your agency, you are choosing a brand that you want to represent your business today and for years to come. Investing in your brand is investing in your legacy, since you are hoping to establish a presence that will grow in importance in your community. 

A Partner You Can Trust With Your Legacy

When creating a brand that you want to last years to come, the support of a professional branding company is invaluable. By choosing a partner that is experienced at helping independent insurance agencies with your brand, you’ve taken the first step in forming your lasting legacy. 

Titan Web Marketing Solutions provides insurance agency marketing services to agencies all throughout the United States. If your insurance agency needs digital marketing help Contact Us today.

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Titan Web Marketing Solutions provides insurance agency marketing services to agencies all throughout the United States. If your insurance agency needs digital marketing help Contact Us today.