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How to Avoid Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great platform to start growing your business on, but it can easily become a waste of money if done wrong. Getting leads with Facebook ads takes more than just feeding it your money every month. For an ad to work, you need a strategy. Here’s how to produce Facebook ads without throwing away your money.

Audience Insights

First, you need to know who you are advertising to. Don’t waste your money on people who will never be interested in your service or product. For instance, if you are a real estate agent, you don’t want your ads popping up in teenagers’ Facebook feed. Instead, you’ll probably want to target adults in a specific area with a decent income. How can you know who your target audience should be?

Audience insights will mine through Facebook’s data to show you the types of people who have previously liked your page. Your target audience should be people similar to those who have already shown their interest in you.

Where Does This Information Come From?

  • Self-reported Facebook data- This data is provided by users in their profile. Think about everything you’ve ever told Facebook. Your gender, job, location, age, relationship status. All that information is then used to help businesses know what kind of people they should focus on.
  • Third-party data partners– Facebook has partnered with outside companies to gather other information such as household income, purchasing behavior, and home value. This information further helps businesses tailor their ads specifically.

Unique Campaigns for Facebook Ads

Once you know who your audience is, you can begin to create ads specific to your target audience. You can choose to either advertise one product differently to two groups of people or advertise two products to two separate groups of people. For instance, if you were a flooring company, you might create an ad tailored toward the everyday homeowner and another ad tailored toward businesses. Same product. Two different messages.

Relevant Landing Pages

An ad is almost useless if it doesn’t create a conversion. Every click should count. How can you make Facebook ads worth your time? Add a simple call to action in your ad that leads to a landing page. Landing pages are what people land on after clicking on an ad with the purpose of guiding them to a conversion. It should be a page different than any of your other website pages that will educate them on the specific service/product before they buy.

Landing pages should always be relevant to the ad it’s linked to. If your call to action says “schedule an appointment,” your landing page shouldn’t be about your business as a whole. It should be about what made them click on the ad in the first place: scheduling an appointment for a specific service. If it’s different than what they expected, they’ll click off of it.

Eye-Catching Imagery

Those creative, specific words will hardly make any difference if your audience doesn’t stop to look at them. What will catch their attention first is the image within the ad. It doesn’t have to be a picture of your business or even a specific product. It just has to be relevant to your message and interesting enough to make Facebook scrollers pause a moment to take a double-take.

It Takes a Team

Facebook is just one of the first steps to growing your business. If you are just starting out or aren’t getting the leads you desire, consider hiring a local marketing team to help you. Titan Web Marketing Solutions has a specialized team ready to take on every aspect of marketing your business. We can help you find your target audience as well as write specific Facebook ads and landing pages to increase your conversion rate. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss a custom plan for your business’ marketing needs.

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