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Selling Insurance to Millennials: Why You Need a Marketing Agency On Your Side

Millennials (young people born between 1981 and 1996) are now reaching a place in their lives where they have to start making important financial decisions, such as when to buy a house or have children. With the average amount of millennial debt rising, it is becoming more difficult for young people to build up savings. That is why it is incredibly important that millennials make the investment in insurance. 

But what are we talking about? YOU know this! You work at an independent insurance agency, for goodness’ sake. So we’ve established that you know millennials need to buy insurance, but how are you doing at actually attracting this tricky customer base? That’s where a digital marketing agency can help. 

How Do You Reach Millennials? 

There are a lot of stereotypes about this generation. First and foremost is that they are constantly digitally connected. Like many stereotypes, there is some truth behind this. Some may spin this in a negative way, but it can actually work to your advantage! As we established, the millennial generation is now at a place where they need to invest in insurance. And what better way to reach them than where they already are – the internet! 

Changing Methods of Communication

Word of mouth is not going to be as successful on these young prospects as it is with others. Millennials trust companies with an established, professional presence online. This means that if your website looks like it’s from 2005 and your Facebook page hasn’t had a post in 3 years, the digitized generation might look elsewhere for their insurance coverage. Using a trusted marketing partner that knows how to attract all audiences, including the younger generation, is an invaluable asset. Services such as professional website design, professional Facebook management, and advertising and SEO will boost your agency into the modern world and do the leg work to attract new customers – who hopefully will stay with you for years. 

Digital Marketing for Insurance Agencies

In a world that is increasingly becoming more digital, and an industry where the clients are following the same trend, you can’t afford not to have a professional digital marketing agency on your side. When you work with one, you have a team of experts that is on your side and is actively working to expand awareness of your brand and your products. 

Titan Web Marketing Solutions provides insurance agency marketing services to agencies all throughout the United States. If your insurance agency needs digital marketing help Contact Us today.