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Reputation Management

What people say about your insurance agency matters.

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Manage Your Insurance Agency’s Reputation with Online Reviews

Whether you have a good, bad, or non-existent reputation, you need to act fast to fix or maintain it. How? By getting as many positive online reviews as you can to increase your customers.

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How Online Reviews Can Help You Grow

Online reviews affect people’s decisions. It’s as simple as that. Before choosing insurance for their needs, people will do extensive research to find an agency that is professional and dependable. Online reviews tell people everything they need to know in order to make their decision. So once you can maintain an up-to-date, positive reputation, you’ll start seeing your business grow.

It’s a fact. Positive reviews are attractive.

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Take Back Your Reputation Today

You know who your happy customers are. Who better to brag on you than them? Each time your agency makes a customer happy, you can send a personalized request from their agent asking for a review on either Google or Facebook. Using pre-created messages, multiple agents will have the capability to build their own client lists to request reviews.

All you have to do is ask. And we’ve made the asking easy for you.

How to Request a Review

  • Just log into your provided log-in page
  • Enter the desired agent’s name and email address
  • Select the “Request a Review” option
  • And hit “Send”

Add Your Reviews to Your Website!

Online reviews have a big influence on people checking out your insurance agency online. Some will search for your reviews directly on Google, while others may visit your website first. To ensure everyone sees your Google reviews, we suggest putting them out on display on your website. Each of our insurance website designs includes a testimonials section designed to pull straight from your Google reviews, so you won’t have to take the extra step to manually post them. Once a review is added to Google, it will automatically upload to your website page.

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