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Branding is More Than a Color Scheme

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Branding plays a big part in customer perceptions.

Building your brand as an insurance agency is all about establishing your presence and looking like a professional. Since branding implies a level of establishment and professionalism, potential customers will make judgment calls based on first impressions. And perception becomes a person’s reality.

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Branding Should Convey a Message

Every brand starts with a logo. Contrary to what many people think, a logo is more than just your name mixed in with your favorite color and a cool symbol. A professional logo should convey what your business does while evoking a sense of trust from your customer. So someone looking at your logo should be able to tell that you are an insurance agency who takes pride in their work. If people look at your logo and think you are an amatuer landscaper, you’re doing it wrong.

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Step 1: Strategy

It’s not enough to just have your logo look nice. Anyone can create a decent logo, using an online generator. We go a step further to identify how to best represent your business and attract people looking for an insurance agency.

Step 2: Roughs

After several hours of brainstorming, communicating, and sketching, we provide you with our best logo concepts to choose from. Once you select your favorite, we will get to work to refine your design.

Step 3: Final

We will deliver the logo you love, on time and in every file format you could ever have need for.

Take the first step to working with us

Building Your Brand is a Journey

Your brand isn’t something that can just be created. It has to develop and evolve, which takes time. Throughout this branding journey, we will be with you every step of the way from giving you a logo you can be proud to work under and a brand your customers can trust.

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